The 4th International Specialized Symposium “Space and Global Security of Mankind” Evpatoria, Ukraine Academician Efim Malitikov


Chairman of the Interstate Committee

Chairman of the Interstate Committee for Knowledge Dissemination and Adult Education,

President of the International Association Znanie



The very title of our Symposium – “Space and Global Security of Mankind” – which in 2009 in the Republic of Cyprus began the annual multilateral meeting of organizers and specialists in the space and space-related industries, is formulated as a code, a formula, a vector of planetary understanding, a conclusion and, if you like, a requiem for urgent action for life on Earth and its sustainable development.

The fundamental, tuning report by Anatoly Perminov and other like-minded colleagues reaffirms that the planet’s ecosystems are living organisms. They feel, see, hear, and react. They respond appropriately and powerfully.

Unfortunately, humanity has not preserved the Knowledge, Abilities and Might of the ancient Aztec and Mayan Empires. However, the statistics of natural cataclysms confirm the need for a reverse restructuring of human debt to Nature. It is a tragic list of increasing cataclysms that reminds us of man’s unreasonable activities on Earth.

We lack fundamentally new knowledge about the Earth and its ecosystems, and at the same time worldview stereotypes and standard arguments in our minds inhibit global actions of humanity, which are based on Knowledge.

The great scientist Vernadsky said: “Humanity is a totally unique species of earthly resources, possessing a very specific nature of energy replenishment – through knowledge.

To generalize and disseminate knowledge across the planet is a task of global scale.

However, today we have a Digital Chasm surpassing a billion totally illiterate people who cannot read or write, plus a 5-billion-year-old Civilization lagging behind the necessary modern Knowledge.

This is why Poverty, Poverty, Chaotic Migration are treacherously marching around the planet with uncertainty in an uncertain future, threatening to outpace humanity before the digital abyss of Ignorance and Uncompetitiveness before the Forces of Nature.

Today, billions of people lack access to modern education. Billions of people cannot compete, have jobs, adequately participate in scientific and technological progress and cultural life.

This is where the drug mafia, criminal structures, criminal clans and terrorism draw their reserves….

The problem of equal access to training applies to hundreds of millions of people. They are all a red balance and a burden on the shoulders of the world economy, and with access to education, a positive balance.

When the number of illiterate, uncompetitive people exceeds a critical mass, they can disrupt the very Sustainability of Humanity.




Only a High-Performance Enlightenment with the latest means of delivering the necessary cutting-edge knowledge to the consumer through space communications can bridge this digital divide.

Planetary values are constantly changing.  The export of knowledge and learning is becoming a serious business, and intellectual property is becoming the most expensive and profitable type of property.

The required Number of Classrooms must be increased by a thousand times or more, which is impossible in a real classroom.

 The classroom-lesson form of education has exhausted its resources in our Information Age and has become counterproductive because its Productivity does not meet the requirements of Global Management Processes.

Despite people’s tendencies and desire to erect and redraw borders, Humanity remains One organism of the planet. At the same time, the process of mental change is the most complex and prolonged process of our human life.

That is why the role of education in the Sustainable Development of Mankind has not been sufficiently evaluated and revised for many decades.

And here it is appropriate to recall the words of Harvard University President Derek Bock: “If you think education is too expensive, try ignorance.

Global action in education is needed because the Problems themselves are Global in essence and origin.

Knowledge is the energetic medium of civilization, which is “spilled out” among the many universities, educational and scientific centers. They are not spread over the planet like butter on bread. And that is why people must constantly move and interact, exchanging knowledge in the global space according to the principle of communicating vessels.

Today, it is not enough to be a graduate of Oxford, Stanford or Cambridge. It is not enough to be a Nobel laureate to teach from a university chair; one needs a talent for popularizing the latest achievements of civilization in a variety of fields of knowledge, supported by high-throughput dissemination technologies.

Today, knowledge renewal is taking place at a speed that far exceeds the productivity of traditional classroom-lesson educational technologies.

And if the Knowledge of the previous century, necessary for mankind, was changing once in 30 years, and following the formula “Knowledge – for life!” a person could use it from the student’s bench to retirement, today the speed of its updating is more than 20 percent a year, and in 5 years a person of any rank, position and academic degree becomes an intellectual bankrupt, if he is not involved in the process of its constant updating.

At the same time, the Budget-Constitutional Classroom-Learning form of education is not responsible for this, neither by the Charter, nor by the Constitution, nor by the Budget Resources.

Thus, the modern Formula of Education: “Knowledge – through life!” remains solely a theoretical premise.

Modern universities and centers of learning must build and possess their own space teleporters, becoming, in essence, telecommunications companies for the exchange of mutually accepted best content. All of them should be involved in the export-import of knowledge through a single distribution teleport, which becomes the Planetary Knowledge Exchange, delivering it on demand to any end of the world, to any consumer – from the “individual” to the university.

In turn, the Exchange should collect, process, translate, providing subtitles and simultaneous translation, this knowledge into any language, freeing the younger generation and adults from the crippling costs and costly pilgrimage for knowledge to other cities and countries, Tretyakovqs and Louvres based on the cost of expensive travel and the cost of stay.

By assuming a noble educational mission and becoming a technical base for the exchange dissemination of knowledge, the MAKSM project will have every reason to accelerate the payback of its costs and the gratitude of posterity.

This can be facilitated by the desire of any state to make this project a priority of its policy and to implement the New Philosophy and the formula “Education – through life!” as an integral part of the Laws and Constitutions, and then the mental attitude of human civilization. 

It is necessary to implement this formula in all the efforts of states to confront the global problems of all mankind.