“Museum of Russian Icons in Moscow. Meeting of E.M. Malitikov with Madame Hiroko Kozuki, wife of the Ambassador of Japan to Russia


Cultural and business cooperation
On the eve of the Year of Cultural Exchange between Japan and Russia, the Japanese singer Kayoko Amano performed at the Museum of Russian Icons in Moscow.

E. M. Malitikov, President of the International Association “Znanie” warmly welcomed the soloist, praising her high vocal skills, excellent knowledge of the Russian language and her public work to strengthen cultural ties between Russia and Japan.

Kayoko Amano performs with the leading orchestras of Russia, participates as a representative of Japanese culture in international festivals in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk and many countries around the world. Longtime friends of Kayoko – soloists of the “Moscow Quartet” – decorated the evening with virtuoso performances of folk songs and Russian romances on folk instruments.

As part of the creative evening E.M. Malitikov had a conversation with Madame Hiroko Kozuki, wife of the Japanese Ambassador to Russia.


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