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The Council of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on Tuesday approved the statute of the Russian Public Council for International Cooperation and Public Diplomacy.

“The idea of this advisory body appeared at the meeting of the Public Chamber and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in December last year, – said the head of the Public Chamber Inter-Commission Working Group on International Cooperation and Public Diplomacy Alexander Sokolov. – It is related to the desire to consolidate the potential of civil society institutions in Russia, which are involved in projects related to public diplomacy”.

A member of the Public Chamber noted that the body, which is being established under the Public Chamber, will perform an expert function in the field of foreign policy (“it is not only a constant examination of the existing foreign policy actions, but also its own proposals and its own vision of the accents of public policy”). According to Sokolov, the Council will also inform domestic NGOs specializing in international relations “about available opportunities, resources and priority areas of activity.

The main areas of the Council’s activities are listed in the approved regulations:

– organization of systemic interaction between NGOs and other civil society institutions in the field of international relations and public diplomacy among themselves and with the authorities and their institutions;
– Discussion and expert evaluation of foreign policy initiatives of the Russian Federation;
– evaluation and development of proposals to respond to the actions of foreign states and international organizations with respect to Russia;
– preparation of proposals for the authorities on topical issues of Russia’s foreign policy, support by government agencies and their institutions of international initiatives, programs and projects of NGOs and other civil society institutions;
– informing NGOs and other civil society institutions about Russian foreign policy priorities and initiatives and about existing forms of support for their activities in the area of international relations and public diplomacy.

The inter-commission working group of the Russian Public Chamber on international cooperation reported that the Council will include representatives of specialized non-profit organizations, experts from leading academic organizations and research centers.

The Russian Public Council on international cooperation and public diplomacy will be headed by Sergey Ordzhonikidze, member of the Russian Public Chamber.

Press Service of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation