Efim Malitikov – President of International Association “Znanie” (since 1995)

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President of the International Association “Znanie”. Doctor of Economics, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Doctor of Economics and Law. Professor at the University of Chicago and the University of Denver (USA). Chairman of the CIS Interstate Committee for Knowledge Dissemination and Adult Education.

President of the Academy of Information Science of International entities. Member of Presidium of Russian Academy of Cosmonautics. Member of Presidium of Russian K.E. Tsiolkovsky Academy of Cosmonautics. Member of Russian Public Council for International Cooperation and Public Diplomacy of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. Member of the Board of Directors of the Center for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy (CEID).

Member of the Presidium of the Free Economic Society of Russia, member of the New York Academy of Sciences, International Academy of Informatization, International Energy Academy, International Academy of Management.

Born on May 1, 1947 in the city of Stalinabad (now – Dushanbe, Tajikistan), he comes of a military family. His wife – Malitikova Larisa Andreevna is Doctor of Chemical Science, Professor, since 1990 – General Director of the company “Elin”, then Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Chemical Concern “Elin”.

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ЕEfim Malitikov belongs to a cohort of people who are born leaders: strong character, daring by nature, extreme in actions, extremely confident in himself, a powerful analyst, a winner whenever wherever. Fate prepared for him many trials: when he received recognition among his peers, he was building his character and steeling his spirit and body (for example, bathing in ice hole at minus 25 degrees), became a noticeable figure in sports, quickly and confidently he was climbing up step by step in the system of one of the country’s defense departments. Mr. Malitikov went through a serious school in public entities and he has accumulated a solid baggage in business – both locally and globally. He braved through many heartbreaks in his early life but came out stronger.

Today, Mr. Malitikov has achieved unconditional authority in various fields. He is a full member of 12 academies, a major international official, Professor in famous American universities. He manages a number of very diverse major international projects, such as construction of airports in many cities and countries of the world, telecommunications, military-industrial complex, education, etc.

Soon after he was born, his family moved to Moscow. As a child, he was actively involved in sports: skiing, athletics, decathlon. He became a master of sports of the USSR, a prize-winner of republican and international competitions, a candidate for the national team of the country. After graduating from high school in Zelenograd (1964), Mr. Malitikov studied at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and he took a correspondence course at the Moscow Polygraphic Institute, from which he graduated in 1970. While studying in his senior years, he simultaneously worked as a research assistant at the Research Institute of the USSR Ministry of Defense, where he later defended his Ph.D. thesis.

Since  1971, he has worked his way up from the Head of Department, Deputy Director of the Central Scientific Research Institute of Information and Technical&Economic Research (TsNI-ITEI), Director of Enterprise, Chief Engineer and General Director of an industrial association to the Head of the All-Union Directorate and later – Deputy Minister of the USSR and Chairman Interstate Committee of the CIS.

In the perestroika period, he was the Founder and Head of the International Scientific and Industrial Association «Olympus», which incorporates 112 large industrial associations of high priority industries in the CIS countries.

From 1992 to 1995, he was elected a member of the executive committee of the International Association (IA) «Znanie «. In 1995, the III International Congress of the IA «Znanie» unanimously elected Efim Mikhailovich Malitikov as the president of the association.

During the years of perestroika and the post-perestroika depression in the economy – the period of disintegration of social entities and unions – E.M. Malitikov became the ninth president in the entire 50-year history of Znanie . He took responsibility and managed not only to preserve, but also to give a powerful impetus to the development of the major social entity of the former USSR (formerly the All-Union Society «Znanie «), which became the legal predecessor of the International Association «Znanie «, thereby preserving the intellectual and human potential throughout the  CIS and Baltic countries.
During the period of his work, he significantly strengthened the authority of the association in the world. The UN Economic and Social Council awarded International Association Znanie the highest general status for UN non-governmental organizations, and E.M. Malitikova – the status of his official representative.
At the personal invitation of the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan E.M. Malitikov was the only representative from non-governmental organizations of the world at the Millennium Summit – the jubilee UN General Assembly – the Forum of Presidents of all states of the world.

The International Association «Znanie» received the status of the regional coordinator and the head UN non-governmental organization for Eastern Europe and the main operator of the World Electronic Forum of Non-Governmental Organizations of the World with UN status.
In 2000, the IV International Congress of International Association “Znanie» in Cyprus unanimously elected Academician E.M. Malitikov as its president for a new five-year term.

In 2001, Znanie was granted with the UNIDO consultative status by the UN World Organization for Industrial Development.
By fully supporting the UN Agenda 21 and the UN Sustainable Development Program, the Znanie   has become the organizer and participant of dozens of public international events and initiatives on different continents of the planet.

President E.M. Malitikov annually personally makes reports and initiatives in various cities and states, promoting the development of a new supranational super-industry of the planetary world order – adult education, which underlies the sustainable movement of mankind forward as an important factor and tool of social development.
He was the initiator of a unique interstate experiment that united the efforts of states and non-governmental organizations in the CIS countries to create a new extra-budgetary sector – adult education, organizer and authoritative promoter of lifelong education throughout a person’s life, seeking to replace the «Education for Life» attitude in the public consciousness with mental postulate «Education throughout life.»

The Council of CIS Heads of Government supported the initiative of the President of the International Association Znanie, the Presidents of Moldova and Kyrgyzstan, and the Prime Minister of Armenia, signing with the support of the Council of CIS Foreign Ministers on January 17, 1997, an Agreement on Cooperation in the Sphere of Knowledge  and Adult Education, and created the CIS Interstate Committee for the dissemination of Znanie  and education of adults. Mr. Malitikov became its first chairman and is still actively working in this responsible interstate post. IA «Znanie «, along with the parties to the Agreement – the CIS countries, became an equal party to the Agreement and a member of the CIS Interstate Committee.

The influence of the International Association «Znanie» at the public and interstate level allows the implementation of legislative initiatives. The CIS Interstate Committee includes ministers, their deputies, and other senior officials of states. Thus, a new industry – adult education – has been officially recognized in the CIS. The bridge between the past and the future, states and civil society, the need to create of which was declared by the UN, began to be built in the countries of the Commonwealth.

The Summit of Presidents – Millennium Forum in New York, as well as the heads of the G8 in Japan and Germany, the UNESCO World Conference outlined the need for state and political support for lifelong education of adults in the era of the information revolution and the transition to an information society in the name of a prosperous planet without wars, terrorism and conflicts.

The active work of the initiating president made it possible to qualitatively change and strengthen the very entity of Znanie, turning it into a truly international union of unions of public non-governmental non-profit organizations, representing more than 30 NGOs in 24 countries of the world. Among them: International Association of Non-State Universities. Russian Association of Non-State Universities, Association of Russian (State) Universities. International Union of Economists. Free Economic Society of Russia and other well-known public unions.

The basic organization – a member of the International Association «Znanie» and an observer at the CIS Interstate Committee for the dissemination of Znanie  and adult education is a unique educational web-entity of the world level – the Modern Humanitarian University with its own space educational teleport.

Mr. Malitikov is the author of over 90 scientific papers, well-known international reports and public initiatives. His reports have become an important component of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (Johannesburg, 2002), the World Summit on the Information Society (Geneva, 2003) and other major forums.

Efim Mikhailovich Malitikov – President of the Academy of Information Science of International Entities, Academician of the International Academy of Informatization, International Energy Academy. The Armenian Academy of Humanism, the New York Academy of Sciences and a number of other academies of sciences in the world. He was elected professor at the Chicago and Denver Universities of the USA, Honorary Professor at the Modern Humanitarian University and the Armenian Open University. He is the founder of personalized awards and scholarships for the best students from a number of CIS countries. The University and the Faculty of Electronic Engineering of the Open University of the Republic of Armenia are named after him.

Mr. Malitikov is a member of the World Economic Forum, First Vice-President of the Russian Association of the Club of Rome, a member of the International Vienna Council and a member of the Presidium of the Danube-European Institute, a member of the International Union of Economists and a member of the Board of the Russian Free Economic Society, a member of the UN Task Force working group, founder and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Culture and Education in Extreme Conditions Charitable Foundation.

Biography of Academician E.M. Malitikova was published in such official publications as “The Elite of Information Scientists of the World – XX-XXI Century”, “Russia-2000. Contemporary political history. Faces of Russia ”,“ 30 Years of the Club of Rome ”,“ 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the XXI Century ”,“ The First Five Hundreds ”(No. 49, International Biographical Center, Cambridge).

Mr. Malitikov is the Deputy Director General of the International Biographical Center for Europe, a member of the International Biographical Association, and a laureate of the Leonardo da Vinci Award for Inspirational Achievement. He was awarded the title «International Enlightener of the Year – 2003», awarded with the International Medal of Honor and Personalized Ribbon. Awarded the title of International Goodwill Ambassador.

Mr. Malitikov is fond of water skiing, scuba diving, kite surfing, and pilots a plane on his own. For many years he has been swimming in an ice-hole, has many disciples-followers in this extreme way of healing.

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