Konstantin Vasilievich Frolov (July 22, 1932, Kirov, Kaluga Region – November 18, 2007, Moscow) – Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1984; then RAS, 1991), specialist in the field of machine science and engineering. Chairman of the Board of All-Union Znanie Society (1990-1991).

He was born in family of employees, had twin sister. In 1937 his father was arrested.

After finishing the 7th grade, he entered Lyudinovo Machine-Building College, where he also worked as a laboratory assistant for physics and electrical engineering. At the same time he passed the examinations of the technical school and the 10th grade of secondary school and entered Bryansk Institute of Transport Engineering.

Graduated from Bryansk Institute of Transport Engineering (1956, cum laude), completed postgraduate studies at the Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the USSR Academy of Science (1961). D. thesis: “The effect of energy supply on the oscillations of autonomous systems” (1962, thesis subject: “Oscillations of machines with variable parameters in the application of dynamics of power hydraulic drive”, supervisor – academician of the AS of Ukraine Victor Olimpanovich Kononenko), PhD in Technical Sciences (1970, thesis subject: “The oscillations of machines with variable parameters”). Professor.

In 1956-1958 he worked as an engineer at the Leningrad Metal Plant, where he was engaged in testing of hydraulic turbines. After his postgraduate studies and until his death he worked in the Institute of Mechanical Engineering named after A. A. Blagonravov of the USSR Academy of Sciences (later the Russian Academy of Sciences). In 1964 he was one of the initiators of establishing at the Institute the Laboratory of Vibration Engineering, in the mid-1970s on the basis of which the Department of Biomechanics was established. The Department was responsible for the investigations in the field of dynamics of mechanical systems, as well as for the study of “behavior of human-operator as a living link of integrated biotechnological system, situated in vibrating field (system “man-machine-environment”)”.

Research interests: applied theory of mechanical vibrations, vibrations in machines, vibration protection and vibroacoustics, biomechanics of “man-machine-environment” systems, strength of nuclear reactors, the problems of natural and man-made safety. Conducted research at the interface of mechanics, biology, physics, ergonomics. He created his own scientific school.

Since 1975 he was the director of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering. During the period of his leadership the Institute was again included in the structure of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, three new multi-storey buildings were constructed, the Institute was equipped with up-to-date equipment. In the second half of 1980s, Academician Frolov initiated establishment of a network of branches of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering in a number of industrially developed regions of the country, which later received the status of independent institutes of the RAS. They were united in the Association “United Institute of Mechanical Engineering” of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the general director of which Academician Frolov was. He was General Director of “Reliability of machines” ISTC, Chairman of Committee on development of cooperation of RAS with the countries of Far East region in the field of natural and technical sciences.

In 1976 he was corresponding member, in 1984 – academician of RAS. In 1985-1992 he was academician-secretary of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics and Control Processes, in 1985-1996 he was vice-president of the AS USSR (RAS). Since 1985 he was a member of Presidium of Academy of Sciences of USSR (RAS), since May 2002 he was deputy academician-secretary of the Department of Power Engineering, Mechanics and Control Processes of RAS.

In 1961-1976 he taught at the Department of Theoretical Mechanics and Theory of Machines and Mechanisms of the Moscow Institute of Technology of Light Industry, in 1973-1976 he was head of this department. In 1976 he was the head of the department of the theory of machines and mechanisms of the Bauman Moscow Technical University (later MGTU). Since 1977 he was the editor in chief of journals “Machine Science”, “Surface: Physics, Chemistry, Mechanics” and “Applied Mathematics and Mechanics”.

He was the Honorary President of Russian Academy of Engineering, Foreign Member of the Royal Academy of Engineering of Great Britain, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, National Academy of Engineering of the USA, Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, National Academies of Sciences of Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, Yugoslav National Academy, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Society of Materials Science of India, Honorary Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1991).

In 1990-1991 he was the chairman of All-Union Znanie society.

Since 1991 was a president of Regional charitable public fund “Knowledge” named after S.I. Vavilov and International humanitarian public fund “Knowledge”. Since 2005 he was a member of the Public Chamber, was the chairman of its commission on innovations, high-tech scientific and engineering projects.

Candidate member of the CPSU Central Committee (1986-1989), member of the CPSU Central Committee (1989-1990). In September 1990 – May 1991 was a member of Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.